Claire Fowler


Documentary. 45 min. HDV. Palestine & Israel.

The importance of land gives a person a physical connection with where he is. Gravity puts us down on the earth. Because of gravity thats where we are. So if we want to put our feet somewhere that means we want to put our family's feet somewhere, and if we're putting something down, we like to know that at the same time we're not treading on other people's toes...

Rabbi Singer, January 2008

Beit Iksa is considered the closest West Bank village to Israel, yet it lies between two Israeli settlements that are built on Palestinian land, the separation wall, and is accessed via a checkpoint. The Israelis who reside in both the settlements insist they live in Israeli Jerusalem, yet between them is Beit Iksa, an Arab village situated in occupied Palestine.

Home is a portrait of that tiny village, exploring the indignities and contradictions of Israeli occupation. From the perspective of both Arab villager, and Israeli settler.